Scorecard version 2.5 Release

Dear all,

The Scorecard app version 2.5.0 has been released. Among the major changes is the inclusion of the step-by-step flow on how to create a scorecard and manage sharing settings. An outline of features worked on is listed on the release note.

The app is available for download on the DHIS2 App hub

The Scorecard app is developed and maintained by HISP Tanzania and HISP Uganda in collaboration with the University of Oslo (UiO) and UNICEF ESARO.

You may access the detailed user manual here or here.

The scorecard app is available for training and practices on the demo server.


Great work!! :slight_smile:

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Hello @Sadick First of all thank you so much for this ScoreCard and making it available for free. We are immensely grateful for this app.

About using it in latest versions:
On 2.37 but we are experiencing see some glitches with DHIS2 2.37, not sure it’s because of my setup alone. Do we have some issues reported on 2.37?

For me:

  1. After deleting and also uninstalling the app (old score card and also new interactive score card) my old configured scorecards are still appearing. Can we somehow delete or clear it completely?

  2. For Period selection, Add period tab is not coming for me

  3. For me when i click/unclick high is good it affects all indicators in all groups.

Would like to seek some guidance on how to workaround this. I think in play dhis2 it works fine even in 2.37


Hello @jthomas,

Thank you for using the Scorecard App and thank you for your feedback. I would like to address some of the issues you are facing:

The scorecard app stores the configuration in the DHIS2 data store. When you uninstall the application it does not delete the namespace within the data store and hence when the app is reinstalled it will reference the existing namespace instead of creating a new one.

To fix this, if you have access to the Datastore Management app, you can delete the hisptz-scorecard and scorecard namespaces. The scorecard namespace will only exist if you had the old scorecard app (version 2.4.1 or below).

We will also take into consideration the possibility of automating this deletion process when the app is being uninstalled.

May you please clarify which period selection are you implying. Is it the one on the scorecard view or during configuration?

We have tested this and confirmed it is a bug. Thank you for reporting it! This will be fixed in the soon-to-be-released version of the scorecard app.

I hope this helps. If you have any further questions/issues kindly let us know.

Thanks & Regards
Gift Nnko
Systems Developer, HISP Tanzania


Hello @nnkogift Thank you so much for your warm reply. Yes Score card is so useful for us.

Point 1: Thank you I was able to find and delete old ones.

Point 2: For some strange reason, I am not getting the “select period” option on the right side of Period Type. It’s blank for my system. Did i explain that correctly?

Point 3: Thank You

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Thanks for the feedback @jthomas.

As for point 2, I understood you. That was one of the issues that isare fixed in the new version that will be released soon.



Hi @nnkogift ! Just a quick follow-up: has this updated versions with the bug fix been released? (I’ve just checked on the DHIS2 App Hub, and the version there is dated 10 Nov 2021.)

Many thanks, Sam.

Hello @SamuelJohnson, Thanks for the follow-up and apologies for the late reply. We have not yet released a new version of the scorecard app as more fixes, features, and improvements were to be incorporated in the new release. We are currently in the last stages of verification and approval and will release it soon.

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Hi Gift,

Many thanks for the update. If you want any additional feedback on the beta, we’d love the opportunity to have a play with it! But if you’re now past that stage, we look forward to seeing the new release shortly - please keep us posted. :slightly_smiling_face:

Many thanks, Sam.

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Of course, we would love to get your feedback, you can download the latest beta version here. This version also comes with the dashboard widget which you can also download from here.



Excellent, many thanks, I look forward to having a play with this great tool. :slightly_smiling_face: