Scorecard, Bottleneck analysis, Action tracker video material released

Hi everyone,

UNICEF-ESARO, University of Oslo (UiO), HISP-Tanzania and HISP Uganda are pleased to announce the release a series of videos of the DHIS2 compatible Scorecard, Bottleneck Analysis and Action Tracker applications.

The videos have been grouped together for you on a YouTube playlist: Here

The applications are designed to strengthen health management team data use for planning and performance monitoring across the information cycle including decisions/actions, analysis and interpretation and data synthesis, visualization and communication

To download and install the applications (Scorecards, Bottleneck Analysis and Action Tracker), you access copies on the Dhis2 App Hub

The applications have been fully documented, additional guidance and manuals can be accessed through the dhis2 docs online with an option for a French version.

Scorecard: About this guide - DHIS2 Documentation

Bottleneck Analysis: Dashboard and demo - DHIS2 Documentation

Action Tracker App: Introduction - DHIS2 Documentation

For support and maintenance, reach out to our team through the community Handles.


Thank you Maria and team for working and sharing these and videos. Great Work!