Scheduler Issue - "Not Scheduled" but status says "Scheduled"

Hi all – I’ve seen this before but can’t find any info on it or what it means. This is 2.37.8.

The job is scheduled and the status says “scheduled”, and the “next run” says “not scheduled”.

The behavior is strange, it was working, and now the job is skipped. Anyone seen this before and now a resolution or how to troubleshoot? Is there an endpoint for scheduled jobs I can look at?

You can try this endpoint to retrieve job configuration:*&filter=displayName:ilike:Testing Analytics Run 5 PM ET

The details for this can be found in the docs: Scheduling - DHIS2 Documentation

Right :+1: Asking @dhis2-frontend about this!

@chase.freeman thank you for reporting this, would you like to create a jira bug issue


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