Scheduled analytics are not running

We recently updated our DHIS2 instance from 2.33.9 to, and we are seeing a strange behaviour with our scheduled analytics: they are enabled but not running at the expected time.
The scheduler says that the task are enabled but not scheduled. What does this mean? How can this be fixed?

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Hello @joao.machiana,

have you tried to click on “Actions” → Edit, and set again the Cron Time and save it?
If it does not work, you can delete the “strange” jobs and create them again.


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Hi @maikel

I deleted the jobs and recreated them with the same settings. It didn’t run, and got this from the logs

This is the job configuration

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Hello @joao.machiana,

Regarding this error in the log, did it happen when you tried to run the new job manually?

Also, could you post the result of this query:
SELECT * FROM jobconfiguration;