Schedule visits/appointments

Hi all,

We would like to build a tracker program to monitor visits. The first visit is immediately after a person is registered, but the second visit is 7 days after the first visit and the third visit is 30 days after the second. We would like to configure a program so that 7th and 30th days forms become available only in the correct dates.

i.e if the registration and the first visit is 12/2/2024, the second visit will be 19/2/2024, so we do not want the 7th day form to be available before the correct scheduled date to avoid users making data entry.

Is there a way in the DHIS 2 to force to do this? We welcome all ideas


Hi @fernandoshake

You might want to use a program rule for this and make use of the V{event_count} so that if the count of the event is = 2 (the second visit) the difference between the V{incident_date} and the V{current_date} should be at least six, and then the for the third visit (event_count = 3) the difference should be at least 36 days from incident_date.

I hope this help! :slight_smile: