Save "Sorting based on a particular column" Pivot table/Data Visualizer

Can we save a tabular report in data visualizer with a sorting order based on one column we require. It looks not posisble, always it takes a random order.

I realize it’s a basic Question, but i struggle to save a tabular report with a particular sorting order i need

Version : 2.38.1

Hi @jthomas,
Could you add a screenshot that illustrates what you mean exactly? If I understood your question properly then clicking on the up or down arrows in the column heading will change the sorting of the whole pivot table based on the values in that particular column in a descending or ascending order. Please see screenshot below:

Actually, if you mean that this selection is set as default every time the favorite is displayed or opened then I think we’ll need to create a feature request! :smiley:

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Hi @Gassim yes exactly i mean the same, we should be able to save the sort order somehow in pivot tables. Bar charts have something similar functionality “custom sort order” but tabular chart seems like don’t have at the moment

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Would you like to create a feature request on Please share the link here so others can watch, like, and comment.


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