Save as function in data entry/ capture app or android capture app

I wish there is a function something like “save as” in data entry/data capturing when edit existing data ,events etc.

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In Data Entry there’s the audit trial which you will be able to view the previously entered values but I’ve not passed by save as during data entry. It’d be an interesting use case. Maybe you can explain the ideas and reasons behind it, and how it would be useful for others.

Please feel free to create a Jira feature request if you’d like others to vote/comment and watch to receive notifications.

when people report their Nucleic acid test results by every day, it’s only change the result field, even no change,just save as another day’s result. no need fill name\sex\depart.…,

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Thanks @linxd! For this use case, I believe that this is possible in tracker programs. The info (name,sex,department…etc) are attributes linked to the Tracked Entity Instance whereas the test result can be in a repeatable program stage.

However, for aggregate (in the Data Entry app) I don’t think it’s possible to enter a value in a dataset and keep it constant through out all the other future periods until changed. If this is what you mean maybe we can create a feature request!


That’s right!