Sample database loading error into postgres 11

(sarder) #1

Hi All,

I fetched error while tried to restore sample dhis2 database from ( into postgres 11.

It was giving error
psql:<>: invalid command \N

My working environment was,
OS: windows 10
postgres: 11
tomcat: 9
dhis2: 2.31

Later I downgrade my database version to postgres 10 and everything worked fine and smooth.

This information might be helpful for whom who might want to work on dhis2 with postgres 11.

(Rahul) #2

Hey hi Sarder,

I’m trying to load the sample database 2.29 over 2.29 dhis2 database. But its giving me lot of errors and i dont think anything is been stored in the database.

Can you help me the steps through the same.

Would be grateful. Thanks

(sarder) #3

Hey Rahul @usfreak13 ,
Which postgres version are you trying to load? What is your server OS (windows/ubuntu)? What is error are you getting during load? Please provide me these information. if you already fixed it out then congratulations :-).

(Rahul) #4

Hi Sarder,

Im using Postgre 10.7 and on windows 10 and trying to upload database for dhis2 2.30. Error is the invalid command /n on the cmd after i run the psql command to load the database.

I guess the error is because of the Postgis extension which is required for 2.30 version and above.

Let me try on the same and if successful will update.