Same data in two event programs - use two DEs or one?

Hi all,
This is probably a dumb question but having trouble thinking through it. We have two event programs that capture the same data - condoms distributed by age/sex (so 18 tracker DEs). I want to be able to view the data for each event AND also aggregated between the two event programs. Which approach is better or does it matter?

  • Create separate data elements labeled by event, then create program indicators or regular indicators to aggregate the two programs
  • Create one data element for each age/sex band and assign the same DE to each program, because in event reports you choose the program before you select the DE so it’s possible to separate later

Thanks for any insight!

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Are you collecting aggregate data? I suggest you create a dataset and use the data capture app.

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Nope, it’s tracker data elements in two event programs. Need to geolocate and have multiple events on the same day so cannot be a dataset. Thanks anyway!

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Hi @Natalie_Tibbels,
my first thought is that reusing the same data element is better, and this is the usage pattern we would be expecting when the data conceptually is the same. I cannot think of any disadvantages of the one data element approach, unless there is a chance that somewhere down the line you might want to change one of the data elements but not the other.

Did you have any specific concerns with the one-data-element-approach?

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Thank you! That’s very helpful. Just wanted to make sure I could show the data separately from each “source” (program) in the same visual, but I would be able to do that through indicators I believe. Thanks so much!