Rwanda DHIS2 Eye Tracker
Visual impairment affects nearly 285 million people worldwide with 80% are avoidable blindness once identified early.

Eye tracker Implementation
The Rwandan Ministry of Health introduced the eye tracker tool in collaboration with eye stakeholders. The development of eye tracker tool was mainly based on skills, knowledge and competencies received by the HMIS staff from DHIS2 academies organized by University of Oslo. The Eye tracker tool embedded in HMIS was shown to improve the follow up of patients with eye conditions by increasing the registration of full information. eye tracker tool is full paperless and is in line with MOH paperless approach especially at patient services delivery. positively impacting the smoothly implementation of cataract surgical outreach targeting the identified eye patient for surgery.

National Scale
The DHIS2 eye tracker tool is used by All health centers and Health Posts (about 510 Health center) and around 1200 Health posts. PEC nurses from Health centers were mentored on eye tracker tool through organized visits and 120 of trainer of trainers were trained Physically.