Running old dhis2 version in docker having it's WAR file

Hello Community,

I want to run dhis2.20 in docker. I have it’s WAR file and database backup in SQL.

How do go about this in docker?

Hi @kwebihaf,
Sorry what is the version of the DHIS2 instance that you have the backup of? Is it version 2.20 (just making sure). I believe you’d have to upgrade the DHIS2 instance that you are using to at least one of the latest and supported versions (2.36.4 - 2.35.8 - 2.34.7) and then after the upgrade you will create the backup of the database then seed it to the docker instance.

To read more about upgrading: Upgrading - DHIS2 Documentation

A quick and easy guide on getting started using docker: Getting started with DHIS2 | DHIS2 Developer Portal

@Gassim, I managed to set it up locally on my machine using docker. I didn’t upgrade

The dhis2 version in this case is version 2.20

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Thanks! So you already have a DHIS2 2.20 instance running in docker and you want it to use a specific WAR file from the same version 2.20, right?

In case someone might find this helpful. Using this docker-composer file and having a dhis.war on the same folder you could achieve the tasks you were asking about @kwebihaf. Please note that you will need to adapt the folder’s paths

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