Routine immunization data management with DHIS2 in Mali

Dr Mamoutou DIABATE, Head Center for Documentation, Planning, Training and Health Information “CDPFIS”, Ministry of Health, Mali.

Tuesday June 21, 2022 at 2:15 p.m., Immunization.

Dr Souleymane Ya SAMAKE HISP WCA

Monday June 20, 2022 at 2:15 p.m., Immunization.

I Introduction

In 2016, DHIS2 was implemented in Mali with the integration of many programs, including the EPI.

In 2022, we allowed to see how vaccination data is managed with DHIS2 in Mali.

II Objective

Describe the routine EPI data management organization in DHIS2 to provide guidance for strengthening the process.

III Method

Documentary review based on mission reports on the implementation of Immunization packages, integration of “Immunization Analysis” WHO DQ Tools, results of the analysis of EPI data from the national DHIS2 database, publication of articles on the web.

IV Result

4 .1 Organization of routine data collection

Before DHIS2

Quarterly Activity Report (RTA)

DESAM as a national routine SIS data management tool;

DVD-MT for routine EPI data management.

After DHIS2

Monthly Activity Report for data collection (RMA).

DHIS2 used for routine PEV data management instead of DVD-MT.

4.2 Analysis of EPI data

Application Immunization Analysis

Provides the same types of performance analysis as DVD-MT and allows the export of “RIM” indicators.

App Dashboard

Dashboards adapted to the needs of the country, with the aim of standardizing the analyzes at the different levels of the health pyramid.

WHO DQ Tools app

Identification of potential errors in the data, allowing appropriate actions to be taken to improve data quality.

V Difficulties encountered

● Geographical coverage in internet connection network,

● Local insecurity,

● Resistance to change.

VI Challenges

Maintain a good level of data completeness across the country;

Bring the promptness rate to a satisfactory level;

The sustainability of periodic data analysis.

VII Future prospects

Electronic Vaccination Register

Extend the electronic register to all districts after the successful pilot phase.

Equip the FS with tablets

data transfer

Integrate HISPWCA’s ‶Data Transfer″ application to send data between tracker and aggregate.

VIII Conclusion

The acceptance and mastery by the actors of the system allowed the total switch to the DHIS2 platform for the management of routine vaccination data in Mali.

Keywords: DHIS2; routine ; Analyse ; Electronic register; Data transfer.
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Thank you @didem for sharing the implementation of DHIS2 in Mali at the conference :+1:

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