Route api not passing file attachment

DHIS2 route api is not passing file attachment for multipart/form-data post request. It’s routing the request as expected. All other form parameters are being passed to destination but not file attachments. I have set the following in the header part of the route.
“content-type”:“multipart/form-data; boundary=----------------”

Hi @Hiwot_Chichaybelu - which version of DHIS2 are you running?

POST request support for the Routes API will be coming in a future v41 patch, so I wouldn’t expect this to work in a released DHIS2 version. We can test multi-part form data and file upload use-cases when introducing the new feature, and once it is released respond here.

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@austin Thank you for responding. We are using 2.40 version.

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Hi @Hiwot_Chichaybelu

So if I understood correctly, it will not work in the version you are using (v41).

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