RFP: DHIS2 Web Application for Reactive Vaccination

Dear DHIS2 Developers:

MSF OCBA is looking for a short-term contractor to help us with the development of a DHIS2 custom app for reactive vaccination campaigns. All details are in the attached RFP.

The consultant can be an individual or organization. The deadline for submission is 14 September, 2018.

Any questions can be addressed to Abigail Holman at abigail.holman@barcelona.msf.org

Best regards,


Abigail Holman

Project Manager, eHealth Team

eHealth & Operations Applications (´Apps4OPS´)

Projects & IT Unit

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) Spain – Barcelona Office

Fixed: +34 935 213 086 – Mobile / Whatsapp: +34 692 622 226

Email / Skype: abigail.holman@barcelona.msf.org - www.msf.org

MSFOCBA_VaccinationData_RFP_V0 29AUG18.pdf (618 KB)