Results of the CoP User Survey

In November and December last year we conducted a survey of Community of Practice user to learn more what community members like about the CoP, and what we could do to make it even better. The results were very positive!

We were particularly glad to find out that the overwhelming majority of respondents like the new CoP platform much more than the old mailing lists. One respondent summed it up nicely: “I don’t miss anything. The new community is much much better and things are easier to find.” That’s very nice to hear!

Users were also positive about their ability to share information:

Many said that they primarily use the CoP to share questions and challenges related to DHIS2. While the majority stated that they were satisfied with the response they received, some also expressed frustration with the speed of responses and the desire for more active moderation. This is something that we hope to work on in 2020.

Users were positive about learning resources on the CoP as well:

In this category, users expressed appreciation for information on bug fixes, Android implementations, and solutions to common issues, while among the most popular resources were some that had been shared by fellow CoP users, such as the PowerBI Connector. The most popular new learning resources that were requested were DHIS2 webinars and online Q&A sessions with DHIS2 experts. We plan to introduce initiatives like these soon.

CoP users were also positive about their ability to connect with others in the community:

A lot of these questions took the form of discussing DHIS2 questions, which is fundamental to how the support channel on the CoP should work. We were also excited to read about some specific DHIS2 projects and collaborations that started through connections on the CoP!

And users were generally positive about the CoP as a support channel:

The users whose questions were answered or issues were resolved were quite satisfied. However, some users reported a long wait for response. We’re aware that this can sometimes be the case, especially during holiday periods.

We are working on a plan for how best to involve the core DHIS2 team on the CoP, but it is also worth pointing out (as many survey-takers did) that the answers and solutions do not just come from the core team, but often come from other CoP members. So, one of the best ways to make the CoP a more active and responsive community is to encourage other DHIS2 users to join it! Thankfully, almost everyone who took the survey said that they would recommend the CoP to others:

So we will do what we can to improve the CoP resources from our end, and we encourage you to do your part as well: Invite your DHIS2 colleagues and contacts to join the Community of Practice, and help us continue to grow our vibrant community together!


Great Analysis! Thanks for sharing @maxk