Resource Sharing: BAO tools for metadata and data import

Hi all,
Just found a satisfying and handy app developed by BAO system to import/update metadata! Some data cleaning is required to meet the import format but it would largely ease the job!!!

Here is the reference:

I also love the function to create UiD, so you really create a meta data in an excel and import directly with a complete reference for later import such as TEI/EVENT data, etc.

In the interface, click the cyan icon with question mark for further CSV format requirements.


Thanks for sharing @kateshih!

Just an important and helpful note that I would like to add. It’s necessary to check the compatibility with the DHIS2 version from the DHIS2 App Hub. For instance, the @BAO_Systems apps you mentioned:

  • BAO Import Foundry (BIF) is compatible with older versions of DHIS2 2.28–2.35
  • The dAtaZ app is compatible with older versions as well 2.28–2.34

This means that these apps might not work in the latest versions of DHIS2.

For what its worth BIF and DataZ are fully functional for our wide uses in at least

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Thanks! Good to know. They sound like really helpful apps so I hope @BAO_Systems will keep them updated for the latest versions too! (: :crossed_fingers:

Hi @Gassim
Thanks for this!
I am working with

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