Research on DHIS2 in Ghana

Hi all,

I am a researcher looking to potentially use DHIS2 and DHIS2 tracker data in Ghana for a health-related impact evaluation. Our team is currently in the evaluation design phase, and we would like to learn more about the extent of DHIS2 implementation in Ghana specifically. It would be very helpful to get an idea of the granularity and completeness of Ghana DHIS2 data so we can make an informed decision on how/whether to use it to address our research questions.

Is there anyone in this community who may be able to answer our questions? Are there any resources which would provide this information? Much appreciated.



Hi @joshlam_ghana,

You can contact @eric - Eric Adu-Gyamfi.


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Thanks @taufiqhs!

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Hi Josh,
I also am trying to use the DHIS2 system to gather and evaluate data, can you help me? Thanks.