Requirement for meta data load issue?

I would like to know any requirement to use tracker. I have now issue of meta data load when some data entry users open tracker capture. it is happening in some computer chrome brower (updated). it is stuck in loding meta data without showing tracker program name. Then I checked with their data entry user in my PC chrome browser, it works properly. in firefox(updated) and edge browsers of my PC, it is stuck in metadata loading as well. I have no idea how to overcome this issue. could anyone please give a suggestion to me.
dhis2 demo site doesn’t have that issue in any browser.
dhis2 version i am using is 2.37.4

Hi @Kyawmoewai_Ngp

Try to clear the cache and after logged in, open tracker app then press Ctrl+Shift+R.
This will help you reload data from server by resetting browser.

Regards, Ulanbek