Request header is too large (Tracker data download)

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Is there a way to fix this without reducing the number of headers? I’m attempting to download tracker data with a large amount of output (Columns) and am encountering the following issue.

Hi @Shapr0019

Thank you for your post for the community! Could you add more info so other community members would understand the issue better? What method did you use to download the data? And what version of dhis2 is the instance you are using?

Thank you!

Dear @Shapr0019
The issue here is that the request header is too large for the Tomcat server. You can attempt to increase the size of the request header by modifying the server.xml file in of your Tomcat install. You can increase the header size by modifying the connector block like this:


The important line there is the maxHttpHeaderSize.

The other option is to split your request for data up into smaller requests (if that is possible).

I would suggest that you test this carefully, since by now allowing these very large queries, you may put significant stress on the overall performance of your system. If its possible to make smaller requests for data, that would get you around this problem, and maybe not stress the system as much as a very large request for data would.

Please let us know how it goes!

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