Request for the Import-Export-Wizard App link

I hope everyone is doing well.

Can any share me the link for the Import-Export-Wizard app which is available in play 2.33.4 for tracker programs. I did not find it in DHIS2 app hub…

Baktash Salehi

Download the import wizard app here

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Thank you but i need the export wizard for tracker programs which is available in play 2.33.4 as Export-Import-Wizard app.

Hi @baktash.salehi - I don’t see that app in 2.33 any more unfortunately (I realize it has been some months) and it is not on the App Hub, so it may have been installed to Play by the developer at that time (@phil might be able to confirm). You could perhaps post in Marketplace and see if you can find the developer there?

Dear Emma
I downloaded from the App hub to use for importing data into tracker. it did not work. I would thank if you share the documentation of the App.