Reports not generating data

Hi DHIS2 community,

I’ve created a program recently and now I want to test the reports modules.
I have registers a few TEIs under different OUs for the purpose of testing but my reports are coming empty.
In the example below, I want to see how many male and female I have registered in the past 5 year in each facilty and I am sure there are TEIs under these facilities but my report is empty.

What could I’ve missed? Please assist.

Thanky you.

Hi, @Tangy

In response to your inquiry, I would suggest you run analytics from the Data Administration app.
Source - Data Administration - DHIS2 Documentation.

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Hi, @e4eDHIS2
I did that. Everything appear to be fine

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Hi @Tangy,

I would suggest you to check if the user has access to the DEs/TEAs/PIs or indicators used in the report.

Plus open browsers console and check if any errors there.

Regards, Ulanbek

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Hi @Ulanbek ,

The access has been granded.

There is an error that I have raised earlier to the community and it only appear under maintance.

I was advised to clear my cache through data adminstration to make sure it is not a cache error, which I did. I further communicated with my administrator to check the catalin log since I do not have access to the serve but he said there in no issues with the server.

Currently, I am a bit out of options. I use to get data when generating reports thou at the beginning, about 3 months ago, I want to believe it something I have done or so.

Please what version of DHIS2 are you using? Is there a chance we can reproduce this issue in any of the instances?

I don’t think this is related to this issue.

@Gassim I have managed to solve this issue. It turned out I had too many data elements in my program so I had to delete some. The maximum that I can have is 1600 data elements. After deleting a number that were not relevant to the program the reports begun to generate in tracker.

Thought this could help someone.


Thank you so much for sharing the solution with the community!

It sure does :+1::+1: