Reports, Charts, and Maps Facing Rights Issues

Dear community,
I am using version 2.40.1. The error below comes and goes. Few hours ago my dashboard was working fine. I am the super admin user on this instance and I have right to all apps. I created all data elements, datasets, reports, charts and the dashboard using the super admin credentials.


At one moment log in using the same credentials, all reports, charts, and maps are working fine and the other moment you log in access rights issues appears.

What could be the problem?

Please help.

@Geoffrey_Nyamongo please open your developers console (F12) and check there. If there is nothing then check the Network tab.

Good luck

Dear @Ulanbek
Thank you for replying.

F12 has reveled the error below:

{“httpStatus”:“Conflict”,“httpStatusCode”:409,“status”:“ERROR”,“message”:“User: admin is not allowed to view org unit: HO8XXXER1ZS”,“errorCode”:“E7120”}

Can this help me to see the issue?

Sorry I forgot to share this image

Please help.

@Geoffrey_Nyamongo open user setting for admin, and put tick on the root organisation for access, analyticsand where you can do search.
That’s it

@Ulanbek Thank you so much. It has worked.

I have been also be struggling with this - how do you sort by values when you want to rearrange the the chart bars below either high to low or low to high.


if you created this visualizations on DataVisualizer then open your chart and select Options and Data, then select Custom sort order and select the way how you would like to sort the data.

I have tried that many times. It is not working. What I want to sort on that chart is a program Indicator that I created from a Tracker Data Element.

I don’t know what to do.

Thank you.