Reporting with Program Indicators

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​(We’ll be upgrading to 2.23 soon)

  1. I am building Program Indicators for the first time and have some very basic questions:
  2. How can I create a report using Program Indicators? It looks like I can include them in a Pivot Table. Will they appear as an option in Event Reports? Somewhere else? Is there a benefit in using an Event Report over Pivot Table?
  3. In a pivot table, what tracker related date is used as a Period filter? Date of Enrollment? What we need to filter on is a manually entered data element of type Date. Is there a way to do that in Pivot Table? Or is an Event Report the only way to do that?
  4. Is tracker data only aggregated into a program indicator after running Analytics as is done in the aggregate portion of DHIS?
  5. What does Automated Aggregation actually aggregate? Is there a division in the creation of aggregated data and tracker data in regard to indicator generation?

Thank you!

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