Reporting rates doubts

Hi all,

Sorry for asking this naïve question: In the context of data sets, what are reporting rates and how to calculate them in the dhis 2?

I am a beginner and still learning Dhis 2.

Looking forward to a detailed explanation.


Hello fernando shake

Good day. Regarding your question, Reporting rate is the percentage of actual reports compared to the expected number of reports. Relevant terms include;

  • Actual reports: the actual number of reports recorded
  • Expected reports: the number of expected reports based on organisation units where the data set and the reporting frequency has been assigned.
  • Reporting rates on time: the reporting rates based on timely form submissions. A timely submission must happen within a number of days after the reporting period.

For instance, if a Country District has 60 hospital facilities that are expected to input medical reports on specific illnesses recorded within a month (November), the data is expected to be available by the next month (December), if only 46 facilities have submitted their data sets out of the 60 facilities expected. Therefore; The Reporting rate is 76.67%

Reporting rate is the percentage of actual reports (46 facilities) compared to the expected number (60 Facilities) of reports.

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