Reporting Rate Summary: Calculating Completeness Rate over multiple periods based on Compulsory Data Elements

Hi developers,

We have a use case where compulsory data elements have been defined for calculating completeness rates. This is for a monthly data set. When we run the report by month, this works perfectly. In our case, 4 data elements captured = 1 completed report. However when you run the same report over multiple periods, say, quarterly, the calculation is slightly confounding. For instance, completeness is calculated on the basis of Period 1 AND Period 2 AND Period 3 compulsory data elements captured. So in a scenario where I have completed the compulsory data elements for Period 1 and 2 but not 3, this is calculated as 0 reported rather than 2/3.

Can someone suggest how we could accommodate the alternative logic which I have in the attached file with screenshots and explanations?

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