Report Tables in DHIS2

Hello Everyone,
I was looking at the documentation in the User Manual on how to create Report Tables (

I noticed as per the instructions that there no longer is a Reports Table app in the Reports Menu anymore. I backtracked versions and saw that this was last featured in 2.28.

What is the new way to do this now?

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The alternative way, would be to use Pivot Tables.
The pivot table module now includes and covers all the dimensions and it has all these new cool features.
Try this out, let us know if you were unable to achieve what you want in DHIS2 Pivot tables.


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Thanks @Emma_Kassy

Question then is, to do a standard report, I need to generate a jrxml file from a report table. When I tried it this morning, it gave me only one format that had no relationship with the table I created using the pivot tables. I tried to use other report tables but the jrxml file did not change.
I don’t know if this is the expected behavior or I am doing something wrong.

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Do you mind responding to this issue?
User seems to be having trouble creating a standard report jrxml file.