Remove the Tracked entity type attributes

Hi, Community

In a tracker program, if I remove the Tracked entity type attributes
(eg: Unique ID), will there be an impact on the normal operation of my program.

Dear @elmoujarrade,
This depends on the attribute whether has data associated with it or not and if have program rules linked with that attribute.

In case there is data stored at Unique ID and if you remove the attribute (Unique ID) you will not be able to see the data.

Please make sure to remove any association with the attribute.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact me.



Dear @ayman.tuffaha

Thank you for your helpful advice.
I will not take the risk of removing this attribute, because I risk losing data.
I wanted to remove it because the same attribute is used in another program; maybe I’ll just hide it for this second program without really removing it.
Thank you for your support.

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otherwise you can create a second Tracked Entity Type.


Hi, @didate

Yes, very good idea; I’ll see how it will work.

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Hi @elmoujarrade ,

If you have defined a Tracked Entity Type Attribute that it is not going to be used in all programs using this Tracked Entity Type I would think it is a design issue. Not that it is blocking and you can find work arounds like the ones suggested here but, ideally, when you define the TE Type Attributes you are defining Attributes that will be using in all the programs using that TE Type. Otherwise you probably should look into not defining those as TE Type Attributes and more as specific attributes of that TEI in that specific program.


Thank you dear @jaime.bosque for all these very interesting explanations.
I just tested the idea of @didate and it works very well.



Dear @elmoujarrade

That is the way tracked entity attributes work. Is there an issue that it’s being used in another program? The advantage is that you can always filter between the values in each program but still connect the TEI to multiple programs at the same time.


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