Remote consultancy opportunity - WHO Western Pacific - Version update

Link to UNGM Posting: Consultant for District Health Information Software 2 (DHIS2)


Member States have regularly used the regional instance of DHIS2 to report their data to the World Health Organization (WHO), Regional Office for the Western Pacific (WPRO) since 2018. However, there is a strong need to shift the focus from data collection to data analysis and use. To accommodate this need, while optimizing the available system and resources, the Health Information and Intelligence (HII) unit of WHO/WPRO plans to expand the capability of the regional DHIS2 from collection of SDG indicators to foster an environment which facilitates technical communication with countries, fully take advantage of the platform’s latest capabilities, to strengthen in-country data use and the feedback loops between countries to the regional technical teams.

The HII unit under the Division of Data, Strategy and Innovation, WHO/WPRO is looking for an IT specialist to support the technical team to enhance the regional DHIS2 platform. This position will play a central role in the implementation of this shift, overseeing the upgrade, configuration, and maintenance of the regional DHIS2 platform to meet the needs of target users.


To improve utilization of the regional instance of DHIS2 according to current and emerging needs by leveraging the latest features of the software and technical requirements.

To support ad-hoc technical supports from Member States using DHIS2.


To work closely with HII and programme technical teams to:

Configure new module or update functions on current WPRO DHIS2 platform based on the technical needs from the team.

Ensure the integrity and common standards across platform to serve the use of data by countries and technical programmes.

Regular maintenance and update of the regional instance of DHIS2 . The key activities of this position include the following:

coordination with the different users of the platform to minimize interruption of crucial functions.

provide briefings, training to new and other users on updated functions of DHIS2.

Actively communicate with colleagues both within and outside the unit to facilitate the development and maintenance of datasets, visualizations, and dashboards according to current and emerging needs, leveraging the latest features of the platform in meeting these needs in the most efficient way possible.

Provide technical guidance or supports in upgrading or maintenance of DHIS2 platforms in Member States of the Region, as countries use DHIS2 at varying degrees of maturity.

Communicate and coordinate with the DHIS2 regional hub - Health Information Systems Programme (HISP) in Viet Nam, to provide or facilitate the provision of technical assistance, feedback, and training where interest or potential among countries as well as for the regional platform.

Communicate with the Information and Technology Group (ITG) in WHO/WPRO to ensure compatibility and maintenance of server, legitimacy and other infrastructure related service.

Lead the streamlining of the regional DHIS2 towards improved engagement and technical communication with countries in the Region.

Perform other IT/DHIS2 support as requested.

The consultant will work under the supervision of the HII Coordinator to perform the following activities:


The consultant will work under the supervision of the HII Coordinator to perform the following:

A. Upgrade and configuration of new module on the current DHIS2 platform in WPRO

  • Solve the problem on auto-integrating historical data into latest database.
  • Recover user interaction function.

B. Version update of regional DHIS2

  • Plans for mitigating disruption of ongoing DHIS2 functions.
  • Regional DHIS2 instance is updated to the latest version.
  • Functionality of all existing datasets, visualizations are functioning correctly after update.
  • Briefings on latest functions.

C. Maintenance of DHIS2 functionality

  • Creation and update of datasets, visualizations, and dashboards according to current and emerging needs.

D. Technical assistance to Member States

  • Work plan for increasing technical communication with Member States.
  • Participation in trainings, provision of technical assistance, feedback and training to Member States (as needed).



Essential: Master’s degree in computer science, programming, data science, public health, and related areas.



  • At least 7 years work experience in health data monitoring, health surveillance, health research, and/or health information systems strengthening.
  • With one to two years experience with administration of a DHIS2 instance.
  • Previous experiences with coordination between different stakeholders.


  • Experience in working with countries in the WHO Western Pacific Region is an advantage.
  • Experiences in health information systems, health systems or data analysis is an asset.
  • Three or more years of experience with DHIS2 is an advantage.


  • Effective written and spoken communication skills
  • Analytical rigor and attention to details
  • Knowledge and use of java, java.scripts at minimum


Advance written and spoken fluency in English is essential.

Additional proficiency with any language for countries in the Western Pacific Region is desirable.


  • Communicating in a credible and effective way
  • Producing results
  • Moving forward in a changing environment
  • Fostering integration and teamwork
  • Knowing and managing yourself


Qualified and interested specialists should submit their CV {individual contractors only} and Expression of Interest {cover letter} to the Supply Officer through WP RO UNGM at
< > by 3 September 2021 .