Release of the Android Capture App v1.2.2 (patch version)

Dear DHIS2 Community,

We are releasing today a new version of the DHIS2 Android Capture App . This is a patch version, which builds upon the last version including urgent bug fixes.

It includes no functional improvements neither changes in the User Interface. It means that yours users can update without experiencing any change in the UI.

We have fixed many bugs and crashes in log in a settings screen, TEI list and search, enrollment and program stages logic, data entry form and program rules. You can check the detailed issues in Jira.

Many thanks to all of you for the support in reporting errors, specially to the DSME Malaria Project, the Botswana NIS project and the Immunization project for great contributions!

You can download it from :

  • Google Play (the upload is being processed in Google Play Store and will be available in the next hours)
  • Github (already available)

Remember that all this information and the documentation is also available in the Android Section of the DHIS2 web site!


the Android team

Please remember to report your issues in Jira!
[Project: Android App for DHIS2 | Component: AndroidApp]

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Madam Marta,
Thank you for the updates. Congrats to the development teams.

I have a few following issues:

  1. Taking more time than expected during login.

  2. Program rule is not working as it should be. If it is a Male patient, the pregnant part should not be displayed. figure below

  3. I clicked on “Yes” button when it says ‘Do you want to create another event?’. I got the following message

  4. I scheduled an event, when i click for follow-up, the follow-up date is not popping up, whereby not able to fill in.


  5. Following are my device and software details

    Build revision:

Looking for kind supports.

Thanking you

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Any response to my above request…it is urgent and must for us like low internet coverage

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Hello Sangay,

thank you for your message. I have reproduced all your issues in te demo server and do not experience any error. It is probably an inconsistent combination of options in the dhis2 configuration.

Would it be possible to have testing credentials for reproducing your error sand identifying the source of the issue? If so, please send to


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Hi @Sangay_Tenzin,

this repoly is just to post here what @FerdyRod shared through email. In case someone in the community experiences similar problems.

Program Rule: The condition is set as A{SEX} = ‘MALE’ and the variable SEX is configure to use the CODE for the option. However the code of the Option for male is ‘Male’ not ‘MALE’, therefore is not executing the program rule.

Creating another Event: We found a bug in the app, we’ll fix this.

Schedule Event: The follow-up date is only available to edit when the due date is in the future. Otherwise an schedule event which due date already has past becomes an overdue event and cannot be edited until a new due date is selected.

Hope it helps,

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Madam Marta,
Thank you for your kind support. Noted with many thanks.