Release of Android Data Capture v1.7.6 (2.31 compatibility)

Dear DHIS2 Community,

We are releasing today a new version of the Data Capture Android App .

This version implements the compatibility with 2.31 and we also fixed some bugs.

The following bugs have been fixed:

You can install it through Google Play or download the apk from Github.

Following this link , you will find documentation with detailed information on the functionalities included in the App and how they behave compare to the Web.

Remember that all this information is also available in the Android Section of the DHIS2 web site !


the Android team

Please remember to create a Jira Issue if you find a bug
[Project: Maintenance of Android Apps | Component: Data Capture]


Dear all,

I am unable to connect with the Data Capture app to a DHIS 2.31 instance via an unsecured IP address (http), and yet the Android Capture app can connect successfully to the same.

The Data Capture app however, successfully connects to other instances with secured IP addresses (https), so I am wondering whether it is a bug to report or pending functionality to implement.


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HI Sam,

I am afraid the old apps only work if the connection uses SSL…If it is blocking you, please create a Jira issue and we will see if we can implement it (as the old apps are only maintained for bugfixing and new app is always prioritised… )

The jira project is Maintenance of Android App.


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Thank you, that has been noted.

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Hi Sam,

I edited my comment. The old apps require SSL, not the oposite.


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Thanks Marta, that makes more sense.

On another note, any idea on when aggregate data capture will be added to the new android app?


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Hi again Sam,

we are finalizing internal testing and planning to open Alpha testing ASAP. Hopefully in August. Final release will depend on that testing, to which you are already registered, hence you will receive a direct invitation.


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We look forward to that.

thank you.

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