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In relationship of Android version i noted that the name of end person doesnt appear in a consistant order.
Sometimes is shows last name.

In attached picture, we have 5 children of Baptista Avelino, and all of the children has surname of Avelino.
As showed in picture for each child the order is:
1- Surname Firstname : Avelino Tercio baptista
2- Firstname Surname Birthdate: Ivandro baptista 2014-04-04
3- Surname birthdate: Avelino 2008-04-04
4- Firstname Surname: Rosa baptista Avelino
5- Surname birthdate: Avelino 2018-04-04

For the partner it shows Surname First name: Eusebio Gilda - which made me think Baptista has a male sexual partner, because it shows surname first.

Then visualizing from the child the index case relationship shows birthdate and NID: 1986-02-26 0103010701/2021/01602

Please assist me on making this a consistent order for all the relationships.


visualizing from the child

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Hello @Vidhi . Which version of the App are you using? I am trying to reproduce the issue but I cannot.


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Hi @jaime.bosque we are using the latest version 2.5.2.

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Hi Jaime as my colleague mentioned the version, were u able to replicate the issue?


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Hey @Vidhi , after some playing I managed to reproduce the bug and I have fully documented it here: Log in - DHIS 2 JIRA feel free to watch the issue for any possible updates.