Relationship identifiers - different identifiers for different relationships

Hi Community!

I have created relationships between two programs (one linking suspect animal to bite victim and another linking suspect animal to suspect animal). I have added identifiers in by selecting the “Display in list without program” option for the TEAs that I would like displayed. However, because the relationships link to different programs, is it possible to have the displayed information specific to that TEI program?

E.g. Program 1 = suspect animal.
I create a relationship with another suspect animal (also program 1). The TEAs to be displayed are Owner name, Animal name.

E.g. 2: Program 1 = suspect animal; program 2 = bite victim
I create a relationship in program 1 where the suspect animal has bitten a human (therefore relationship with program 2; bite victim). The information to be displayed must be information relating to the bite victim (and not the second suspect animal as per example 1). Therefore the TEAs to be displayed must be Victim Name, victim surname, etc.).

Is this possible in any way? I have attempted to simply tick the box for “display in list without program” for all of the TEAs, but this shows all of the information (with obviously blank fields) and is confusing to the user.

I am currently using v2.30

I would appreciate any help or advice.


Hi Terrence,

We’re grappling with a similar question in Rwanda, trying to link a program with data on suspected cases of epidemic diseases, with a multi-stage program for contact tracing.

At this point I’ve resolved to develop some SQL views and JasperReports to connect the data for reports. We have assigned unique ids to cases and are developing a custom dropdown button in the contact program to link the contacts with their case, but I don’t have a better answer for you than that at the moment since it appears that the basic analytical tools (event reports) don’t allow you to pull data from 2 different programs.

Randy Wilson


Hi Randy

Thanks for the suggestion and advice. Unfortunately, we are looking to work specifically with the relationships option to take the user between programs from the suspect animal to the exposed human and back (the relationships are currently only uni-directional at the moment [JIRA issue: 1. DHIS2-5249]. Therefore with the two different types of TEs being tracked, the relationships box on the side of the event only displays the information for one type of TE as opposed to being customised for the TE type that is being tracked.

Please see the screenshot attached - the idea is that a suspect animal has been linked to this particular case, but the relationship identifiers all relate to an exposed human. Relationship%20identifiers

Is there anyone who knows of any way to have this specific to the TE type? If not, I will raise it as a JIRA ticket possibly for future versions.


Hi Terrence,
I saw you commented positively in the linked jira issue (DHIS2-5249) on the changes Lukas made, did that solve the requirement in this topic?


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Hi @Karoline

Unfortunately, I have not yet had a chance to thoroughly test this. I will test and revert back as soon as I am able!

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