Relationship button on android app


This might be an obvious question but I can’t find the relationship button on the Tracker app version v2.6. It used to be at the bottom but it’s not there anymore. I just have Events, Report and Notes icons. Does anyone know where relationships have moved to?

Yes, the relationship has been created. I can see it in the DHIS2 Training App.

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Hi @Clara

It should be down there as you can see in this example program. Is this in a specific program you have created?

So that relationship icon is showing on my colleague’s S20 FE but not on my S10 but we are both on v2.6. What model are you using? @jaime.bosque

Hey @Clara . I have many devices as I do lot of testing with different ones and I can see it in all of them. Could you please try resetting the app and let us know if you still cannot see the icon?

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