Régle de programme

Hi all,

I want to make a program rule and the condition is on a parent organization but not on the current organization. is there anyone who can help me please.


Hi @crakotondramanitra

Can you describe more in details what goals to be achieved?


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Hi @crakotondramanitra

I don’t think there’s a direct way to find the parent orgunit but if there’s something in the orgunit code that could give that sort of indication then maybe you could use the V{orgunit_code} in the program rule.

I agree with @Ulanbek knowing the use case is very helpful so we might find a workaround, better suggestions, or even request it as an idea (see ideas).


Hi all,

The data element prgram tracker filter is conditioned by the parent organization of the unit organization that is assigned by the program.
for example : we have region after district in organisation unit. The programme “identification group” assigned in district OU. But, we have a attribut “Code_carte” and this attribut conditonnely with OU region. We must to filter the “Code_carte” with region (OU parent) for the district.