Register for the DHIS2 Android Academy // For both Implementers and Developers!

Mobile technology is an increasingly important component of health information systems, and Android in particular is a key platform for DHIS2 use in the field. The DHIS2 Android Academy is intended to strengthen Android Implementations and Development in the field, and is a great opportunity to learn new skills or refine your knowledge of working with Android Apps.

The Academy will include a combination of combined and parallel sessions along two tracks. In the Developers track you will learn how to use the first released version of the SDK 1.0.0. The Implementers track will focus on exploring the 2.0.0 version which comes with a lot a new features: filters, sms, granular sync (syn one program, one tei, one event) and the most important…Aggregated data! In 2.0.0 we will be able to see the datasets in a user friendly table layout and collect our aggregated data in the Android App as well.

This 4-day Academy will take place in Negombo, Sri Lanka from December 10 to 13, 2019. Register today!