Regarding "Enhance existing DHIS2 android dashboard application"


I am Chetan Mann, currently pursuing my B.Tech(3rd yr) in Computer Science from Delhi Technological University, New Delhi. I am developing android applications from past 2yrs, have worked a lot on applications using live data and I love to implement cool ideas and working with different organizations.

I am very much interested in working on project “Enhance existing DHIS2 android dashboard applications”.

I have installed the existing APK . A have also downloaded the source code and I trying to understand the code. I have some queries :

  1. Can you provide me the server URL, a username and password for testing the application downloaded from your release link. So that I can better understand what it is and how can I improve it.

  2. Can you guide me HOW I CAN CONTRIBUTE IN THE PROJECT IN CURRENT STAGE. What api’s can I use to fetch the data to make it dynamic or I can make my own demo api’s to fetch the data and show the work.

Here are some of the applications I have made and is live on play store :




I currently work with AppRevelations ( which is a group of developers from our college. I have also made my own group of developers InsectiousApp ( which believe in developing innovative apps.

LinkedIn :

Github :

I have a good experience on working with apps which use live data or uses different types of api’s . I have worked with several apis like Facebook API, Google API, Twitter API, and I have even made my own basic apis with the help of servers like . I would like to contribute to the project with my best .

Waiting for further guidance

Thanking You
Chetan Mann