REDCap Integration

Has anyone ever explored DHIS2-REDCap integration?



HI @Mbevi, I’m not sure whether @charles.waka can assist with this… reach out to him and let us know how it goes.

Thanks @jomutsani.
@charles.waka,any ideas on this?

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Hi @Mbevi, this is possible. You can be able to push data from REDCap to DHIS2 or vice versa. You will need an intermediary system to process the data based on each system template.
So far, I have found that Python works for me.


Thanks so much @Waka_Wafubwa,will get in touch with you to understand it better.If you don’t mind,could you share some few details here?


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Hello Waka,

Please share the steps on how to push data from REDCap to DHIS2 and vice versa

Thank you

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Hello all, wanted to share this paper I found to restart your discussions re: integrating redcap and dhis2 - would love more personal experiences to consider the costs and benefits

@Waka_Wafubwa can get your contacts