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Oriole Global Health is continuously engaging in work related to the development of programmatic and national data systems for which a strong core team of epidemiologists, data analysts, software developers and data systems experts is required. The team is currently seeking to expand given the nature of ongoing projects and upcoming opportunities in this area and is therefore adding to our roster of data systems experts with experience in building and maintaining health data systems.

The immediate need requires individuals adept (or who can become adept) in the use of DHIS2 (District Health Information System) in low- and middle-income settings. DHIS2 experts, as well as individuals with more general backgrounds with an interest in applying their skillets in a such a setting are invited to submit their interest.

The Data Systems Expert will support in the design, implementation, roll-out and maintenance of data systems (DHIS2 and other) on a range of projects. This will include direct and close collaboration with ministries of health (initial focus on East Africa including ministries in Kenya and Sudan) and disease and operational specialists, as part of the data team at OGH to ensure that solutions are built for purpose and serve the needs of users. Opportunities may also arise to apply skills to, and develop skillsets in, data analysis and software development.

Knowledge of health data systems is desirable, but second to good overall data systems knowledge coupled with the ability to work as part of a team with a range of experts to produce high quality, targeted data solutions, and an ability to adapt to different software solutions where required.

The full TOR is attached and can also be found at,
DHIS pool - TOR.pdf (105.2 KB)
Devex: Data Systems Expert (DHIS2 focus) | Devex

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