Recent JQUERY API change caused multiple bugs throughout DHIS2


During the last few weeks, several of us detected that a range of key functionalities were no longer working in 2.25, 2.26, 2.27 etc, and wrote up JIRA issues. According to Viet - who has fixed most of them - this was caused by a recent JQUERY API change:

“Before we were using the method attr(“selected”,“selected”). Now that does not work anymore, and we have to use prop(“selected”, true)”

There are two aspects to this which are essential to address:

Firstly, relying on users detecting each instance of the attr(“selected”,“selected”) usage by picking up that things are no longer working, writing a JIRA issue, and then having presumably different developers fixing it - that is cumbersome and inefficient. PLEASE CONSIDER SEARCHING THROUGH THE CODE BASE DIRECTLY AND RECTIFY ALL SUCH INSTANCES.

Secondly, this kind of thing should not happen with production versions - those responsible for e.g. API changes should as far as possible ensure that issues like this are addressed BEFORE the new API is implemented. It should be relatively simple to scan through the code base for specific methods no longer supported (?).

(Shit 'appens, but let’s try to learn from it…)

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