Real time nutrition tracker data Web App experience

(Pat Mc Mahon) #1

We are looking for help in the development of af real time tracker data Web App to plug into DHIS2. We have heard that such web apps may be in use individually tracking end of treatment stage HIV and anti malarial treatment. We have so far developed and trialed a intuitive user interface, established data fields .

We would love to know any experiences and possible collaborative opportunities colobrative opp with tracker data apps.
I am not a developer but have worked in the field of targeted nutrition in low income countries for 15 years. We know what data we want,why we want it but need help on the web app and make this happen as a free open source offering to the nutrition community.

Thank You

(Emma Kassy) #2

Hi @nutritionforall,
Have you tried using the DHIS2 case-based/tracker apps that is tracker capture for multiple events or event capture for single event. Tracker capture would be ideal in your case since you will be tracking an individual/client’s details for quite sometime and checking for progress. These apps are web-based using desktop alternatively you can use mobile apps that allow you to enter data in both offline and online mode using android phones. PS: these are just different methods of collecting data but setup is on one server.
Let us know if this helps.

(Prosper) #3

Dear Pat,

We have customised the DHIS2 tracker to register under 5 years old and them through the growth monitoring, immunisation, nutritional supplements and limited HIV from birth to 5 years with monthly visits followup.

This is already in the core dhis2 tracker and you dont need any other app on top of tracker.


(Pat Mc Mahon) #4

Hi Emma,
Thank you so much for the information. As I am not a developer I have a knowlege defficit on our next steps to bring this to the field. Do you know of field based examples of the use of tracker apps in the field?

It is my understnding that we need a web app developer. Does this mean the tracker simplies the web app development? Can this be intergrated into our blank intutive user interface I wounder.

Is their web app developers that would be willing to come on board with us at a minimal cost. We are a small project that dares to dream Big

(Pat Mc Mahon) #5

Dear Prosper,
Coming from the field do I understand corrrectly that we can custimise the data entry that we want to collect such as common biometrie indicators like age height and weight and monitor data oucomes to agread parimeters. We also want the system to have feed back loops to the field user. We are not clear on the next steps re a web app deveolper and intergration to the DHIS2 system using the designed interface.


Kind Regards,


(Bob Jolliffe) #6

Hi Pat

I think both Emma and Prosper are suggesting that you may not need a web application developer at all. That you can more than likely customize/configure tracker to meet 90% of your use case without doing web development. This is what Prosper found in his case.

Probably you should try to do this anyway in order to better understand how DHIS2 (and tracker) works. From there you can decide if there is a convincing need to build a custom webapp.

There might be, but app development (and maintenance) has a cost which I guess has to balanced against what you can already get for free.


(Pat Mc Mahon) #7

Thanks for that Bob, It would be great if we could see how actaul examples of the tracker system are working in the field or what would they look like to the field worker. I understand the 10% component but our experience from the field suggests that both speed and useability are key components for roll out. The wire frame components that our partners have developed are perhaps key to how it looks and acts in the field. It is my understanding that intergration of the wire frame and grafices is where we need the Web Development. Am I right in that understanding.

Thank you so much for all of your contributions.


(Bob Jolliffe) #8

Hi Pat

There is some ongoing effort to gather user stories from the field here You might find it useful to scan through those to get a broad feel.

You would probably want to setup a “vanilla” DHIS2 tracker implementation to better understand the underlying data model and how good a fit it is with the data you are interested in. For that no programming skills are required (though still some study and practice). There many many thousands of developer and design hours already been put into the model and the UI components and as I say, you might well find that is all you need.

If you want or need a radically different user interface, like the design that you refer to, then you would need web development resources to transform that into an app which can interface with the underlying tracker web api. Though to understand the api, you first need to understand the model, hence my suggestion above.

Maybe if you posted some screen shots of your mock up people might be able to suggest how good (or bad) a match it is for the DHIS2 model.


(Pat Mc Mahon) #9

Hi Bob and indead every one who has contributed to this topic. I have gone through the usser stories and have found it very valuable. I had a meeting with our design team last week and we will share a wire frame with screen funtionality next week and we would be dilighted to get some feed back.

Kind Regards