Reading from a Program Rule Variable


I created a program rule variable that reads a calculated value based on a program rule.
But where can I see my data? Program rule variables can’t be generated in the Event Report neither the Pivot Table
Is there a way we can create a data element that reads this program rule variable or an attribute?

@Sdn , have you tried the function “Assign value” to the data element of choice under Program rule > Define program rule action?

Yes I did,

But the idea is that how can i display this value and export it in my reports?

If you’ve created a new data element and assigned the value as per your program rule to the new data element, this self-calculates as values in the field on Capture as well as on the reporting apps. I have only seen this work in v2.31.5 onwards though.

Also, we noticed that in the event Capture already had old entries, these did not self-calculate in retrospect. If you have a small number of entries, you can open each event and save it which populates the new DE. Our support team was trying to get an external means of doing this for a large number of old cases but hadn’t got a solution yet.