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Matthieu Pinard

DHIS2 Online Academy Coordinator | University of Oslo

On 5 Jan 2018, at 11:07, Andy Gibson andy@missionrabies.com wrote:

Dear DHIS2 team,

I work for an international NGO, Mission Rabies, who work in
collaboration with governments and other partners to develop effective
strategies for the control and elimination of rabies from endemic areas,
primarily Malawi and India. I lead a team developing software to help
overcome some of the field challenges of data collection and remote team
direction. To date we have developed a stand-alone app and web based
platform to manage mass dog vaccination projects, however as we look to
the future in developing systems for use by governments, I am interested
in moving new developments to DHIS2.

I wanted to start an initial conversation about the possibilities and
how we may go about beginning to build a plugin module specifically for
collecting data about dog bite victims. This would involve a bolt-on to
the backend which would receive data from a smartphone app frontend.
Some of our early questions are around how best to build a team, whether
to purchase a commercial subscription and how we should anticipate
structuring the front and backend systems.

Any recommendations, guidance or support you can offer would be very
much appreciated.

Kind regards,

Andy Gibson

Director of Strategic Research
Mission Rabies

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