Quick question:Reporting rates, V2.33


I have a quarterly dataset, assigned at country level, with 3 category option attributes (donor, project and implementing partner).

Now, the expected number of report for one country in one quarter is 1 with each dataset assigned a donor , project and partner.

For most of the countries I get correct results, but for one country the expected reports shows 3 which is making the overall reporting rate incorrect.

I’ve checked the dataset assignment to OU, category options attributes assignment to OU and all looks fine.

Any idea why this would be happening??

Thank you

Hi @Dipali_Sahu,

This is tough one. Is there anything unique about this org unit that you can tell? Any org unit attributes?

Hi, when I run analytics the numbers become ok. I don’t know if it is related to some uses clicking on Complete twice (Complete >> Incomplete>> Complete)

So, as of now, we have a solution which is running Analytics.