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Hello @jaime.bosque, @marta
I read the new documentation that includes a short description about the QR Code on DHIS2. I found that it should be a data element but how can I render it as QR in order to be able to scan a QR Code.

Thank you

Hi @dina.mazloum

This is not possible. The only way the App generates QR codes is for sharing among devices which can be found while clicking “Share” on a TEI.

What would you like to do with what you are asking? In the end the QR code is only a graphical representation and this can be done by other external tools. Could you describe your use case?


Thank you for your reply @jaime.bosque
I need to configure the QR Code in order to be able to scan a QR for each member I register. How could it be done ?
So scanning by opening the camera and then save the value of the qr

any advise ? @jaime.bosque

Ok, @dina.mazloum . I think I misunderstood you.

If I get what you want to do is having somewhere a QR/Barcode (i.e. a passport, product box, etc) and you want the Android App to be able to read this QR code and put that value into a data element. Is that correct?

yes exactlyyyy!!! @jaime.bosque

Ok! Then, what you need to do is create a text Attribute and/or Data Element and render it as QR or barcode as desired. The process is described in the official doc:

So basically, this is how it would look in the administration panel:

Please note this is only available in Android and not in the desktop version

Thank you so much for you support

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Hi @jaime.bosque,

How Server URL can be set via a QR code for easier Login in android phones or tablets?


Hello @hernandezmachava . For this you just need to go to any QR generator site and enter the URL to generate a QR that you can later on print or share with your colleagues.

For example:

The app, can use text or QR to login by clicking on the icon next to the URL address at the entry screen.

Hi @jaime.bosque,

I can not see any button to print the QR.


You can click on “SAVE” button to download it and past it in a document that you can edit and printer later on.

Hi @jaime.bosque,

I managed to save and download the QR.


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@hernandezmachava and @jaime.bosque While using the QR code functionality for Android, I’m seeing a ]Q1 appearing as a prefix to every code I scan. I can confirm that this is happening across android versions (2.4 and 2.6), across DEs and TEAs, and across multiple devices. I can create a ticket obviously, but wondering if this is something that others have seen before? We’re on 2.35 DHIS2 version.

cc @chase.freeman

Update: Nevermind! I see it here: [ANDROAPP-4745] - Jira