Project ideas for Google Summer of Code 2016.

Dear community,

As you may know, DHIS2 was participating in program called Google Summer of Code (GSoC) for two years in the row (2013 and 2014). The main idea behind GSoC is to involve more students in open source software development. From community’s prospective, it is a great chance to find motivated programmers who are interested and ready to solve various problems (you can find more information about GSoC here:

In order to be accepted to GSoC as organization this year, we need to provide a list of project ideas along with application. As DHIS2 team was always listening to community needs, we eager to here from you about ideas you can propose. If you have an project idea, please use this document to write it down:

Please note, that project itself should not be too complex, since students won’t have too much time to develop it (about 3 months). Preferably, it should be an atomic, specific task, for example: android or front-end application for DHIS2. It could be really nice if you could provide description of the task and the final result you expect from the student at the end of the project (you can use task descriptions which are already there in doc as reference). If you are really interested in tracking and evaluating development of proposed projects, you can write down your name and email address next to “Mentors” keyword under project description.

Looking forward to your ideas!

With best wishes,

Former Google Summer of Code student and developer at DHIS2 android team - Araz Abishov