Program Stage Section Description for Android App

Hello @dhis2-android team,

Do we plan to have Program Stage Section Description visible in Android App. Most of the time it’s such a useful feature to have some explanations and hints for data entry

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Hello @jthomas . Thanks for the suggestion. Would you mind creating a JIRA issue with the feature reuqest so we can evaluate and consider for future releases?


Hello @jaime.bosque Happy New Year and apologies for coming back late on this.

I have now created a JIRA feature request for this. I believer it will be very useful and is already present in Web version [ANDROAPP-5179] - Jira

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Thank you @jthomas. Happy New Year to you too! :slight_smile:

We actually created this request recently which seems to be what you want: [ANDROAPP-5151] - Jira