Program Rules work in 2.36 but fail in 2.38

Hi guys,

Just in case, if you have solution about this program rules issues on 2.38.2 but works fine in 2.36.12 :
OptionSet configuration

Data Element configuration :

Program Rule configuration :

Assign value

Program rule variable to assign to

(d2:zing(#{PROG_Test1}) +
d2:zing(#{PROG_Test2}))/(d2:oizp(#{PROG_Test1}) +

Result in 2.36.12 :

Result in 2.38.2 :

Thanks for your help


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Thank you for your detailed post with the screenshots! Sorry for taking this long to respond.

I’m triaging this to @tracker-programRules and if turns out a bug, we can create a Jira bug issue.

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Hello @haramas,

Turns out the oizp-function is faulty. Thanks for bringing attention to this! I will create a Jira bug issue for it and have it resolved shortly.


Hi @haramas ,

I believe if you could upgrade to the latest DHiS2 version of 2.38 which is: that will solve your issue…
More release notes and hotfixes are described at the below link:

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Hi @ayman.tuffaha,

Thanks for your response. As I mentioned before, I tried it with the and didn’t work.


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Thanks @haramas for pointing this out!

Here’s the Jira ticket: [DHIS2-14352] - Jira (Thanks @superskip!)