Program Rules work during/after import?

I have a question about program rules when importing tracker data. Is it possible that program rules work during/after import? (does that already happen?) For example if I import a form that has the value of DoB but the ‘birthday’ is null; however, there’s a program rule that does that calculation, does the program rule calculate that during/after import?

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If the program rule is assigned to run for a specific stage, it will run only when that stage is accessed.

If it is not assigned to a specific program stage, it will run in all stages in the tracker/capture app.

So, you need to open the applicable data entry form for the program rule to be executed / value to be calculated, or assigned.

There is also a way to ping a particular event, in order for that to happen.

For your use case, a work around could be to use a program indicator to calculate the age based on date. This value will be available after you run analytics or display the value of the PI in the form.

Hope that helps

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Hmm, the way I understand how programs rules work, they only work on the front-end, while the import uses a backend endpoint.
In my opinion it is not possible.

Looks like you got some good answers. Just wanted to add that the new tracker import endpoints would assign value for you automatically during import (on the backend).

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Great! Thanks! Understood :grin: so the program rules will work after an import. :blush: As for the example, it was just to illustrate a point, but thanks for the reminder as well. :smiley:

It was what I imagined would be really awesome, and I’m really happy to hear that this is actually true. :sunglasses:

Thanks @Gintare , @YuryR!

@didate, I guess we’ve got good news then! :blush: