Program rules not working in android

Hello All,

I have these issues here. program rules not working in android but works on the web. I have tried to upgrade my dhis2 version to 2.35 while using the latest android but nothing seems to work out. Any advice would be of great help.\


Hi @moses_mwale,
Thanks for asking! Actually, you are right because there were some updates that you might need to be aware of. See if this post relates: IMPORTANT: REVIEW your Program Rules before updating to Android 2.2 in production

And, would you please share which program rules that aren’t working?

That’s a quick reply. Let me look at the post you have shared and gather the rest of the program rules that are not working. Currently all the program rules are not working on my android.


Hello Moses, there are some syntax differences in program rules on the Web and android. Some syntax are supported on the Web only while there are some that are supported by both. This guide should help: Home - DHIS2 Documentation


@Gassim and @Barnabas_Akumba you guys are on point, this was my issue, I don’t know how I missed this documentation. I am not happy with myself at all. You guys have brought me back to light. Thank you.