Program rules for Error on Complete don't get triggered if cursor don't move from the field

Hello all,

I’m getting a strange situation in v2.38.1 (not sure about other versions)

We have a program rule on a tracker program stage to error on complete based on a Field X is greater than an attribute value. But if we don’t move the cursor outside that field X, it allows to complete, without program rule getting fired.

Have you come across this cursor context issues and are there any work arounds

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Hi @jthomas,

Is it this in the Capture app or the Tracker Capture app?

Unfortunately if you can reproduce this on the play then this is a bug! Would you like to create a jira bug issue for this and share the issue here. It needs the description and please the steps to reproduce the bug.

First, I’d say to maybe try clearing the cache if you’ve not tried that. Second, test if there are conflicts maybe with another program rule? Finally, see if there are any errors in your Network tab.